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Our core service is to offer leasing of specialized containers for transportation of temperature-sensitive products.

Having gained significant knowledge as manufacturer of air cargo solutions as well as working on continuous development within the field of temperature control and thermo dynamics, we also offer cold chain management services and customized solutions to our customers.

Container rentals

Containers with active temperature control are available in three sizes: RAP, RKN and CLD. A global network and flexible rental options make up the basis for an unbroken cool chain.

Depending on your requirements, Envirotainer provides one way rentals of temperature-controlled containers worldwide.


Our containers offer reliable temperature control based on two technologies:

  • t2 active temperature control system based on dry ice refrigeration
  • e1/e2 active temperature control system based on compressor cooling and electrical heating

Container types

Envirotainer offers leasing of air cargo containers with industry leading active temperature control. In the current fleet we offer two technology platforms.

The t2 containers are available in three sizes (RAP, RKN and JYP) and the e1 is available in one size (RKN). The e2 is available in one size (RAP).

Please visit our website for more information about our container solutions, technical specifications, terms and conditions, etc.

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