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Geodis Wilson

Global Pharmaceutical Freight Management Services

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Geodis Wilson

The next layer is e-service solutions: the enablers, there to facilitate, simplify and make everything more efficient.

Geodis Wilson makes you more competitive by increasing the visibility and manageability of your supply chain and by reducing associated risks and costs.

Our e-services portfolio provides indispensable building blocks in our integrated supply chain solutions. They give you the power to access your data, make quick decisions and get customers and suppliers on the same wavelength.

Freight planner

Freight Planner is a web-based tool for time and price information and electronic booking. It shows up-to-date information about pricing and transit times, and gives you real-time booking confirmation for all our services.

This tool can easily be configured so that you control your inbound shipments. This control could reduce the total logistics spend by booking shipments on the most efficient means of transport. Freight Planner can also be used by multiple users in your organisation, meaning your internal shipping department receives fewer queries.

Freight monitor

Freight Monitor is our advanced online track and trace tool that makes the freight management process easier and more efficient. By logging into your personal Freight Monitor account, you can track all sea or air shipments or individual products, down to the individual article number.

You can also access documents such as the master air waybill, bill of lading and commercial invoices. You can upload documents of your own and e-mail status updates to others. Freight Monitor data can easily be loaded into your own applications.

Customer portal

Our Customer Portal is a dedicated online environment for our larger customers and the Geodis Wilson people that serve them around the world. The portal provides easy access to all documents that relate to the overall relationship between us, including minutes of meetings, agreements, reports and contact lists of key people.

With dozens of people on both the Geodis Wilson and customer side involved in a range of projects, this tool makes sure everyone is on the same wavelength by giving each person access to crucial documentation.

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