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Drug Delivery Technologies


Next generation technolgies for today's challenging medicines.

Low bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs is a common problem in drug development and can have negative consequences for patients. Independent studies have shown that approximately 30% of existing drugs and between 60%-70% of drugs in development have poor absorption due to low water-solubility. This is critical because the efficacy of a drug depends on how well the body absorbs and circulates the active substance to the treatment site. Low water solubility often results in large variations in the drug’s bioavailability and creates “food effect” or different absorption when the drug is taken with or without food.

At Kuecept, our range of clinically proven drug delivery technologies can be used to improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble drug compunds, as well as provide optimised dosage forms with customised release profiles to maximise absorption.

Our range of technologies include:

  • Lena™ Nanoceutics – generation of crystalline nanosuspensions and redispersable nanopowders
  • Prorelease™ amorphous microparticle technology (immediate and modified release applications)
  • Applicable for poorly soluble, pH sensitive and gastro-irritant APIs
  • Novel sustained release colonic technology
  • Novel pH/bacteria triggered pulsatile colonic release technology (tablets)
  • Novel enteric double coating technology for rapid rdrug elease in the proximal small intestine
  • Novel immediate release coating concept for moisture sensitive actives
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