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Drug Dictionary China (DDC)

The Uppsala Monitoring Centre

Drug Dictionary China (DDC) translates Chinese character medicinal product names for products on the Chinese market, including Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs), into the WHO DDE coding system.

Simplify coding for products in the Chinese market

The main function of the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) Drug Dictionary China, just like UMC’s WHO Drug Dictionary Enhanced, is to help CROs and pharmaceutical companies identify, code and analyze concomitant medication that appears in clinical trials.


"Exactly what’s in these boxes? Users of UMC’s Drug Dictionary China can find out in just a few seconds. The medicinal product information revealed lets them identify, code and analyze concomitant medication appearing in clinical trials held in China."

Compared with coding assignments in most other countries, however, those performing this task in China face a major dilemma; how to deal with thousands of concomitant medicinal products whose names they do not recognize and that they therefore cannot code.

Simple conversion unlocks the code to Chinese medicinal product information

Drug Dictionary China (DDC) translates Chinese character medicinal product names into the WHO Drug Dictionary Enhanced (WHO DDE) coding system used worldwide by commercial organizations as well as national regulatory bodies.

This simple conversion gives non-Chinese speakers access to the broad array of up-to-date medicinal product information and analytical tools contained within WHO DDE for drugs used in China, including Traditional Chinese Medicines.

Information includes trade names, active ingredients and therapeutic uses

DDC thus helps international companies collect and analyze information about drugs likely to appear as concomitant medication in clinical trials held in China. This information includes trade names, names of the active ingredients, a hierarchical classification of the intended therapeutic use, and the chemical classification.

Comparing Chinese medicinal product data with that from other countries follows the exact same structure and methodology as found in WHO DDE. Note that the Chinese dictionary also converts medicinal product names found in WHO DDE into Chinese characters if the entry in WHO DDE also exists in DDC.

Be in the front-line of coding clinical trial data in the Chinese market

The initial version of Drug Dictionary China is for international companies already using the WHO Drug Dictionary Enhanced. To implement DDC, a tri-party project is set up where the user company, their software vendor and UMC optimizes the use of the dictionary in the relevant coding and analysis environment. A DDC web browser is available for interested parties.

How to subscribe to Drug Dictionary China

After having had a pilot version of the DDC out among customers, some details will be worked out before DDC will be released on the market. Keep an eye out on the UMC website for continuous information.

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