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Complete Solutions in HPLC and UV/VIS Spectrophotometry

Uvikon Spectrophotometers

GOEBEL Instrumentelle Analytik

A Lifetime Guarantee for Precise UV/VIS Measurements

The optical design of the Uvikon® UV/VIS Spectrophotometers with only six reflecting elements and fully symmetrical sample and reference beams ensures maximum energy throughput for highest sensitivity even at high background absorbance. The highest quality optical elements, produced by Zeiss™ in Europe, coupled with an optical bench machined with absolute precision, is the foundation for the proverbial long lifetime of a Uvikon® Spectrophotometer.

The Uvikon® XS version, with fixed slit width, is a high-performance unit designed for demanding measurements. The Uvikon® XL, with variable slit width and photomultiplier technology, is used where highest spectral resolution combined with maximum sensitivity and linearity in the UV region is required.

A comprehensive range of accessories meets all requirements for both automated routine operation as well as specialised applications.

Further details can be found on our product web page.

UVS Spectra Calculation Software

The UVS software supports all measuring methods in UV/Vis spectrophotometry and offers significant increases in productivity.  From simple absorbance measurements at single wavelengths through to complex calculations from measurements at multiple wavelengths, scans with corresponding calculation or activity calculations for kinetics with samples measured in parallel – all freely configurable methods are available per mouse click. The UVS software combines ease-of-operation with optimum flexibility and complete traceability. The integrated data base links each stored data set with the method used to create the set, thus each event is uniquely traceable. Data security for the complete data base is ensured through a backup of two different pre-defined paths.

A 21CFR11 compliant version is also available as an option. This version offers a completely integrated user management with definition of access rights, a completely traceable Audit Trail together with Electronic Signature.

The same software is also available as an update for older Uvikon® Series 900 photometers, whereby the different models can be operated with the same user interface and method data base.

Further details can be found on our product web page.

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