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DisiTest 50 – Automatic tablet disintegration tester

Dr Schleuniger Pharmatron

The DisiTest 50 is a modular disintegration testing system to automatically measure disintegration time of tablets and capsules in full compliance with current Pharmacopeia. Innovative induction heating technology reduces heating times to only 3-5 minutes and completely eliminates unproductive cleaning times typically associated with conventional water bath based systems.

Whether used as single station tester or modular disintegration testing system with up to 4 independent stations, the DisiTest 50 guarantees maximum efficiency and consistent results.


The DisiTest 50 disintegration tester is a fully automatic testing system which combines innovative induction heating technology with precision components. Visual monitoring of the disintegration process by the operator is not required.

  • Automatic detection of tablet disintegration time (end time)
  • From ambient to test temperature in 3-5 minutes
  • No water bath – very fast and easy cleaning
  • Wireless self-centering baskets
  • User-friendly touch screen operation
  • Up to 4 independent stations
  • Direct printing of statistical reports
  • 100% USP and EP compliant design

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