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DASware® migrate


DASware migrate provides the ability to operate a set of bioreactor units collectively – including shared recipes and process data and information management. It has been proven effective in the integration not only of Eppendorf New Brunswick BioFlo/CelliGen 115 and 310 as well as BioFlo 415 and CelliGen BLU, but also external bioreactor controllers such as Sartorius® BIOSTAT® Bplus DCU and Qplus and Applikon®
1010, 1030 & ez-Control.

Utilizing this solution enables access to the advanced DASGIP control features and powerful Microsoft Excel reporting as well as the suite of DASware solutions. All relevant process parameters can be simultaneously controlled, monitored and online visualized within a single user interface. DASware migrate easily integrates DASGIP GA exhaust analyzer, DASGIP OD4 biomass monitor, DASGIP MP8 precision multi pumps, and gas mixing modules DASGIP MX4/4 into third-party bioreactor controllers. Thereby, DASware migrate provides all crucial advantages of the DASware bioprocessing software to users in microbiology and cell culture.

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DASware migrate

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