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DASGIP bioreactor systems serve as an ideal platform to carry out Design of Experiments (DoE) on bioreactors in parallel. There is a multitude of third-party DoE software tools available on the market – DASware design automatically compiles DoE information from such tools into recipes and feedback response information into DoE and multivariate analysis and reporting tools.

DASware design comes with a full factorial DoE builder. Alternatively, a large variety of DoE designs for screening, process development and optimization can be automatically imported from the most powerful third-party DoE tools like JMP®, MODDE® (Umetrics), Minitab®, and Design-Expert® (Stat-Ease®). Parallel recipes incorporating the DoE factor variations (i.e. pH, DO, temperature set-points or feed rates) are automatically populated. Following our Point-Click-Grow concept they can be carried out on a set of bioreactors with a single mouse-click.

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DASware design

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