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CRFweb is THE Simple, Flexible and Economic Clinical Trial Application


CRFweb is fast to set up, it’s simple to use and it’s economic to install and run. CRFweb helps companies capture data from clinical trials more easily, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. The web-based platform enables your paper case report form to be accurately reflected as an eCRF. No compromises are needed, CRFweb will adapt to your study.

A typical eCRF can be set up in less 2 days and we will let you try out your own CRF on the system, with our free study set-up offer.


Designed to have the look, functionality and feel of typical office software suites, CRFweb’s HTML editor suite will give instant familiarity and is intuitively easy to use. It truly is a DIY process.There’s no need for expensive hardware or difficult installations. It’s web-based, it’s compliant* and it’s secured with the latest encryption technology. We are there to provide support if and when needed.Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) with PROM/ePRO module.

CRFweb is more than just a basic case report form EDC system. Remote users can capitalise on mobile technology, collating data while with a subject and then recording it (in real-time) directly to their database. Or, with our Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM/ePRO) module, subjects can be given access to fill out questionnaires from home.

Once collected, CRFWeb then enables clients to manage that data, interrogate it and export it to third party systems.


Cost saving EDC for Pharma and Medical Device Trials

In addition to pharmaceutical clinical trials, the total flexibility and rapid set up time of CRFweb also makes it ideal for those testing medical devices.

CRFweb gives real control back to the trial manager and the savings, in terms of time and cost, are dramatic. Visit our website to read independent research piece on the real costs of paper v edc in clinical trials.

*Complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and has been independently audited. It also meets GCP (Good Clinical Practice) standards

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