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With beyontics CIQ the qualification of your Empower controlled chromatography systems can be carried out consistently and in less time. In contrast to most qualification processes the CIQ is orientated to the analytical work in your lab instead of following the specifications from various equipment manufacturers.

CIQ, Customised Instrument Qualification – homogeneous equipment qualification without additional validation effort

CIQ is implemented as an Empower project and equipped with special Custom Fields, adaptable methods and reports. In this way, all chromatographs are tested automatically, within the Empower environment. The complexity of the tests, as well as the limits, are defined according to your requirements: Only what you state is relevant will be tested!

For each test item a result statement can be presented in a report. All tests and results will be documented in Empower.

  • Applicable for GC and LC
  • Automated qualification
  • The entire qualification is documented in Empower
  • Entry of mechanical measurement categories (e.g. flow rate, temperature) manually or via toolkit-interface
  • Evaluation of the qualification results through Empower
  • Report function
  • Paperless qualification possible in conjunction with the Empower signoff function
  • The data remains within Empower


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