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Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Gaming

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CI Process Consulting

Fuld & Company

We know executives need to make decisions expediently, based on real-world events and accurate intelligence. Yet too many organisations filter and delay critical intelligence, hampering their ability to make strong decisions.

Others simply have no organised mechanism to capture and use intelligence, even when it exists in abundance in their companies. Fuld & Company works with such companies to raise their competitive intelligence competency and build CI programs that deliver results. Our model of a world-class competitive intelligence function marries strategy with intelligence by promoting a seamless execution of systematic risk identification, organisational awareness and acceptance, intelligence monitoring, and management action.   CI Process Consulting

We do this through several inter-related services:

Benchmark your CI program – A self test

Find out how your competitive intelligence program measures up to other companies.

We have applied this tool to companies around the world to allow them to see whether their programs are "world class," or in which areas their programs need improvement. By completing this benchmarking survey, you will receive an analysis of your competitive intelligence program, a benchmark comparison of your answers compared to your peers from other companies, a free article on how to use this self-diagnosis approach to improve your CI program, and a free copy of From Stick Fetchers to World Class® CI Benchmark Report.

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