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Celeno HPLC System

GOEBEL Instrumentelle Analytik

The Celeno HPLC system can be ideally configured to meet your demanding application needs:

• Smartline pumps with ceramic inlays and active piston wash can be used even with aggressive buffer solutions. Depending on your application requirements, the system can be configured isocratically with a single pump, a low pressure gradient system in combination with the manager containing a low pressure gradient mixing device or as a high pressure gradient system combining several pumps for top gradient performance even at low flow rates.

• The column thermostat for constant application conditions independent from changes of the room temperature. For special applications, a high temperature column thermostat allows temperature stabilization up to 140 degrees.

• The Celeno Diode Array Detector combines ideally the sensitivity of the best conventional detectors with the maximum spectral resolution. In addition to highest sensitivity for trace analysis the large linearity range also permits high analyte concentrations to be determined in a single run. The perfect spectral resolution of the Celeno DAD also supplies reliable qualitative information on peak purity and component identity.

• Single channel or four channel conventional UV/VIS detectors for routine analysis when component identity or peak purity is not an issue.

• A dual monochromator Fluorescence detector, a high sensitive Refractive Index detector, an Electrochemical detector and a Conductivity detector for all kind of special applications without selective UV detection.

• An Autosampler that can be configured for any kind of application – for routine systems with loop filling or changing applications with variable injection volumes, with or without sample cooling, with or without pre-column derivatisation.

Further details can be found on our product web page.

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