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Affinity Chromatography and Chemical Microarray Drug Discovery Services

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Avi-Chemix and Avi-Link.

Standard Avi-Chemix™ 10K Arrays (A and B )

The Avi-Chemix standard 10K Arrays (A and B) each contain 9,600 different compounds printed in duplicate. The library contains compounds with diverse structures. Compounds were selected for optimal hit identification and minimal fluorescent characteristics (at Cy3®* & Cy5®* channels) to reduce background signals.

Avi-Chemix™ microarrays from your compound library

The Avi-Chemix custom microarrays are printed using the customers’ own compound library. This allows for full integration of the Avi-Chemix affinity assay in existing drug discovery programs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Avicor can print the custom arrays from coded libraries without knowing any molecular structure.

Avi-Chemix™ from commercial libraries

On request, Avi-Chemix microarrays can be printed from any commercially available small compound library.

Avi-Chemix™ Kinase Inhibitor Array

Avi-ChemixTM Kinase Inhibitor Array is a chemical microarray with 1,152 different kinase inhibitor molecules in quadruplicates covalently bound to a microscope slide. The library contains specific inhibitors for a broad range of kinases (against more than 120 kinases) and is chemically diverse. The array can be used to identify specific kinase inhibitors against virtually any kinase. Identification is based on affinity interaction of the kinase and the inhibitor on the surface of the microarray. After affinity screening an IC50 biochemical validation assay is performed on the 20 most likely inhibitors.
For one screening project only 20mg – 50mg kinase is needed. This service is provided in collaboration with Vichem Ltd. Hungary.

Unit: Screening against 1 kinase, structures provided of 20 hit molecules with their IC50 values.
Upon request additional hit molecules can be provided.

Avi-Link™ Depletion Kit

Avi-Link Depletion Kit is the first product that can help you reduce the interference of un-specifically binding proteins in your affinity chromatography experiments. The kit removes the top 16 “sticky” proteins (including heat-shock proteins, actin, tubulin, mitochondria) ATP-ases, GAPDH, 14-3-3, Elongation factor 1-alpha, nucleolin) from cell or tissue lysates (mouse, rat, human).

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