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Analytical Services


APL has broad experience of working with a large number of different analytical methods and technologies.

We offer high competence, long experience and extensive resources for a broad range of chemical and microbiological analyses, such as:

  • Analysis of raw materials according to European or US pharmacopoeia
  • Analysis of pharmaceuticals using APL’s or customers analysis methods
  • Stability studies of raw materials and products in accordance with ICH guidelines
  • Characterization of new substances and products
  • Method development and validations in accordance with ICH guidelines

As well as a large number of microbiology methods:

  • Survey of the total number of microorganisms
  • Bioburdon testing
  • Endotoxin measurement
  • Testing of antimicrobial effect
  • Microbiological measurement of antibiotic content
  • Control of sterilization processes with spore tests
  • Control of particles in air and liquids
  • Microbiological air inspection (active and passive)
  • Microbiological surface inspection
  • Identification of microorganisms found
  • Microbiological durability tests


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