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GVK BIO Service: Agrochemical Registration

GVK Biosciences

GVK BIO offers agrochemical registration support to the agrochemical manufacturing companies for product registrations in Europe and the US, through various scientific approaches as well as producing regulatory dossiers and assessment reports. We can also offer with the environmental fate database in a customised way based on clients' specifications.

Environment fate modelling

We supply agrochemical registration support services to our customers through environmental fate modelling services. These services range from model-based data evaluation through highly standardised environmental exposure assessments, to custom scenario development for predicted environmental concentration (PECs) calculations.

GVK BIO conducts calculations of agrochemical fate in soil, ground water, surface water and sediment (PECs), using groundwater models (MACRO, PELMO, PEARL, GeoPEARL, PRZM, FROGS, etc.) as well as surface water models (SWASH, MACRO, PRZM, TOXSWA, SWAN, DROPLET, EVA, EXPOSIT, etc.).

Environment fate modelling services

GVK BIO also covers numerous other environment fate services, such as:

  • Country-specific modelling and preparation of national addendums
  • Kinetics evaluation of laboratory degradation and field dissipation studies for active substance and metabolites using mathematical modelling tools
  • Preparation of PEC assessment reports and dossiers (dRR) for regulatory submissions
  • GVK BIO can also provide with environmental fate database, as well as modelling requirements based on customer demand and requirement. The customer can be benefitted many ways by using the e-fate database for any future modelling requirements with ease/no effort

Upcoming agrochemical registration services

We offer services to assist with future agrochemical registration services, such as:

  • Preparation and compilation of registration dossiers for all relevant agrochemical registration sections
  • Analysis and preliminary assessment of available data
  • Ecotoxicological risk assessments
  • Preparation of efficacy/biological assessment dossiers
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