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Malvern Panalytical

Particle Size and Shape Analysis, Zeta Potential and NIR-Chemical Imaging.

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Malvern Link II Named as Breakthrough Product of the Year

The OPC is a universally recognised body that promotes open connectivity via open standards. Malvern Instruments is a founder members of the OPC working group set up in 2008 to develop a common method for data exchange and an analyser model for process and laboratory systems, and Malvern Link II uses the latest OPC protocol. Link II

Rob Norris who leads Malvern’s process business confirmed that there has been widespread enthusiasm to the concept offered by Malvern Link II software since its launch in March 2010. “Essentially Malvern Link II transforms analyser integration for automated control from being a costly, bespoke task for each individual plant to becoming a more rapid, routine and cost-effective procedure,” he said. “Our customers like the fact that it provides a single interface for remote control and reporting, and it allows multiple and unlimited configuration of automated devices and analysers. This includes Malvern’s range of particle characterisation systems. Of great importance for many of our users is that Malvern Link II complies fully with pharmaceutical industry requirements.”

The use of in- and on-line analysers is increasingly widespread but they only fulfil their ultimate potential when used for automated control. Malvern Link II enables the development of control architectures that can acquire and use data, from Malvern systems and a from diverse array of different analysers. This eliminates the need for multiple dedicated solutions. With a simple drag and drop tool that allows the sequencing of many standard operating procedures, Malvern Link II can be used to create limitless process scenarios with fully customised presentation of data and live displays.

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