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Merck secures FDA approval for two HIV drugs

Delstrigo is a once-daily fixed-dose combination tablet of doravirine (100mg), lamivudine (3TC, 300mg) and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF, 300mg). Pifeltro (doravirine, 100mg) is a new non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase

Genentech, Affimed sign $5bn cancer deal

As part of the deal, Affimed will authorize its redirected optimized cell killing (ROCK) platform to discover and optimize innate immune cell engager-based immunotherapeutics of interest to Genentech.

Lupin introduces contraceptive drug in US

The company has secured approval from the Food and Drug Administration for drugs with strengths of 3 mg/0.02 mg/0.451 mg and 0.451 mg (EQ Beyaz). Lupin’s Drospirenone, Ethinyl