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Norwich Clinical Research Associates - Clinical Monitoring, Auditing, and Data Management Services

NCRA specializes in pre- and post-market studies for bringing investigational products to market and providing the necessary support once cleared / approved. NCRA is especially skilled in product development consulting, clinical monitoring, auditing, and data management services uniquely suited for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical device and biotech industries.

Additional services NCRA provide are statistical analysis, processing and writing final reports and regulatory documents, assistance with developing standard operating procedures, plus training on conduct and monitoring of regulated clinical trials. NCRA conducts in entirety small-to large clinical trials from protocol design to completion of the final reports for regulatory submission. The company's associates are experienced in preparation and completion of FDA regulatory applications.

Clindex® Clinical Trial and Data Management System

NCRA is highly experienced in providing GCP Audit and Data Review services customized to meet your project-specific needs. NCRA Data Management team's main mission is to provide clients with accurate, validated data rapidly and at competitive cost. NCRA is extremely capable, providing swift and efficient ways to collect and handle data using cost-effective technology to serve the systems and data-management needs of our clients. One of the primary tools that NCRA uses, the Clindex® Clinical Trial and Data Management System, can accommodate hard copy or electronic data capture, specific to the client's needs. This system not only provides excellent data management capabilities but also a comprehensive trial management system that allows the client to efficiently keep up on study status.

Product development consulting

NCRA combines the best of our academic and industry clinical research experience to provide our clients with professional product development consulting. NCRA can conduct your pre- through post-market trials to assist you in making the most of your trial results. We are very experienced with working closely with the FDA to ensure your product development meets all applicable FDA regulations and that you, NCRA, and the FDA are working together as a team to get your products approved in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

NCRA's individual disciplinary teams conduct and complete any or all segments of clinical trials:

  • Product development consultants
  • Medical monitors
  • Clinical research associates
  • Data management and database development/programming professionals
  • GCP and other auditing professionals
  • Statisticians
  • Medical/technical writers

Norwich Clinical Research Associates Ltd.
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