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New England Biolabs, Inc. - Advanced Resources for Drug Discovery & Development

The past two decades has seen a dramatic rise in the number of protein-based pharmaceuticals (“biologics”) and companion diagnostics. These important areas of clinical and pharmaceutical science are becoming more reliant than ever on cutting edge molecular biology tools and techniques.

For instance, companion diagnostics based on DNA amplification can foster a better match of effective therapies with the patients they're most likely to help; personalized medicine utilizing next-generation sequencing can help tailor treatments for specific patient characteristics; and a wide range of biologics is now being developed thanks to recombinant DNA technologies. Additionally, development, manufacturing and quality control of novel biologics and biosimilars involve rigorous characterization of post-translational modifications such as glycosylation.

New England BiolabsAre you ready to make the most of what's available now - and what's coming next?

We understand the challenges you face, and we are uniquely structured to help you meet them. At New England Biolabs®, we share your focus on, and passion for, research and discovery. We were founded by scientists (and remain an independent company today) and have published almost 900 peer-reviewed research studies in top scientific journals over the past four decades.

In addition to our reputation as a leading supplier of molecular biology enzymes and other life science consumables, we have a product portfolio that has the potential to touch on almost every stage of today's drug discovery and development process. We also have deep roots in basic research, as well as experience in drug target identification and the development of new lab-based technologies for diagnostic applications. We were one of the first companies to recognize the promise of recombinant technologies, and we have created solutions that have since been used in the development, manufacturing and quality control of biologics.

Simply put, we're ready and able to collaborate with pharma and biotech companies, supporting the discoveries that come out of your lab and help move them all the way through clinical testing, manufacturing, quality control and into regulated markets around the world.

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