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A Beginner’s Guide to Quality Risk Management

Risk is a familiar concept. We take risks all the time. Even the act of driving to work carries some risk. It is important to understand that in life no activity can ever be totally risk-free.

Some individuals want to experience high risk so they take up pastimes such as rock-climbing, free-fall parachuting, or even bungee jumping. Whatever we do we are constantly assessing the risks associated with our activity and controlling them. If we deem them too high we take risk reduction measures to reduce the overall risk.

For example, in free-fall parachuting, we carry an emergency ‘chute just in case the main one fails to open. So none of us are strangers to the process of risk management, we have done it from an early age and before that our parents did it for us. If we did not behave in this way, our lives could be considerably shorter.

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