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Isogenica specialises in the discovery and optimisation of therapeutic and diagnostic peptides, proteins and antibodies using its proprietary technologies. The company provides services to customers using its unique capabilities in library design and production and selection, using CIS display, of high affinity binders against company specific drug discovery targets. Alternatively, Isogenica licenses the platform to companies to use in their own facilities with their own libraries.

CIS Display

Isogenica’s CIS display technology is an in vitro display technology that allows the rapid generation of polypeptide and antibody libraries from which it is possible to select lead molecules with high affinity and specificity for most targets.

CIS display does not require cloning into cells but uses the extracted biochemical machinery from within the cells and a simple linear double stranded DNA template.

CIS display is adapted from a natural system in which a DNA binding protein (RepA) binds to the same template DNA from which it was derived. By fusing peptide or protein libraries to RepA, the expressed peptide is attached to its coding DNA. Therefore the sequence of the peptide can be determined by the sequence of its encoding DNA.

For large libraries of sequences, cycles of ‘panning’ are necessary in order to enrich the binding population and reduce the number of clones from trillions to hundreds which can be screened.

CIS display has been utilised with a large range of targets including membrane bound GPCR’s and routinely selects low nanomolar peptide binders and has successfully selected low picomolar binders for protein scaffolds.

Peptide, Protein and Antibody Maturation

Isogenica also improve the properties of a lead peptides and proteins through directed or random mutagenesis techniques. We can help you optimize for improved

  • Affinity
  • Selectivity
  • Stability
  • Manufacturabilit

Multiple methods exist for the library generation and improved candidates are be rapidly obtained. Large library sizes enable greater sequence space to be searched than any other maturation method.

Biological activity is often improved with affinity. Multiple maturation libraries can be screened so that a global minimum structures rather than a local minimum in the sequence space can be found. This leads to greater activity.

Stability to proteases can be engineered so that the intrinsic pharmacokinetics of the peptide of protein can be improved. Novel and natural human peptides can be stabilized using this technique.


Isogenica Ltd
The Mansion
Chesterford Research Park
Little Chesterford
Essex CB10 1XL UK
Tel: +44 (0)1799 533682

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