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May 10, 2012

Intelsius Launches Highest Performing Products

Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, announces the launch of its new ORCA™...
pharmacuetical business review
April 2, 2012

Intelsius Expands International Manufacturing and Distribution Infrastructure in South Korea

Intelsius, a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled and regulatory-compliant packaging solutions, announced a partnership with BioCore in South...
pharmacuetical business review



Intelsius is a global company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of temperature-controlled regulatory-compliant packaging solutions for the life science industry.

Incorporated in 1998, Intelsius is a subsidiary of DGP Life Science Ltd, which is headquartered in York, the United Kingdom. With a strong focus on developing environmentally sustainable products and procedures, the company offers solutions to ensure the integrity of customers’ products and samples for better human and animal health worldwide.

Temperature Controlled Packaging and Cold Chain Solutions

From off-the-shelf, pre-qualified packaging systems to customized, temperature-controlled packaging solutions, Intelsius offers intelligent solutions to a variety of clients. Major government agencies, leading pharmaceutical companies and life science organisations all rely on Intelsius to provide thoroughly tested and qualified packaging systems that meet regulatory compliance standards worldwide.


Employing state-of-the-art engineering and testing techniques in their ISTA- certified testing laboratory, Intelsius’ experienced staff combines proven methods with new and innovative proprietary technology. This allows Intelsius to deliver solutions that are uniquely effective in application.

When shipping biological and pharmaceutical materials, a minor temperature excursion could compromise your payload’s integrity. Intelsius precisely designs, tests and qualifies packaging systems based on the external temperature extremes your product will encounter while in transit.

Regulatory Compliant Packaging

Intelsius built their reputation on the safe transport of biological samples. From traditional sample transportation needs to complex, temperature-sensitive payloads, they provide solutions for all the challenges you may face.


This global company provides it’s customer with all the necessary components to ensure shipments are in total compliance.

Government agencies to major international laboratories

Intelsius serves a wide range of organisations, including government agencies, leading pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and clinical research industries to major laboratories. Intelsius has manufacturing facilities, distribution hubs and local offices situated throughout the world, including North America, Europe and Asia.

Markets Served

  • Biopharmaceutical Drugs & Devices
  • Clinical Trials
  • Couriers
  • Human & Veterinary Health


The ISTA-certified laboratory at Intelsius has a wide range of technical capabilities to help ensure your temperature-controlled packaging solutions meet all relevant industry and government standards. Meanwhile, they provide technical advice to enhance both the efficiency and safety of your cold chain operations.

Services include:

  • Technology Driven Testing (ATMOS™)
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Technology Driven Testing


Global Manufacturing and Offices Around the World

This temperature controlled packaging and cold chain solution provider, has manufacturing facilities, distribution hubs and local offices situated throughout the world, including North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia -most recently opening a distributorship in South Korea.

Intelsius are dedicated to protecting life’s most precious cargo™.


1 Harrier Court
Airfield Business Park
Elvington, York, YO41 4EA
United Kingdom
UK: +44 1904 607 390
US: +1 317 452 4006
Malaysia: +6 366 6399

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ATMOS™ (Analytical Thermal Modeling Software)

Imagine: Within only one week, you could have a clear sense of direction for your temperature-controlled solutions.

ATMOS uses semi-empirical numerical modeling methods, calculating the thermal performance of a packaging system to define the following:Product extent, mass and payload compositionThe configurations of coolant, PCM and spacersDesired temperature profileATMOS can save you approximately 70% in packaging development time and costs 


These shipping systems are pre-qualified to maintain sample integrity during shipments from 24 to 240 hours.

Qualified for temperatures: 2-8°C 15-25°C Dry Ice


The innovative ORCA solutions range provides superior thermal protection to high value, temperature sensitive payloads for 140+ hours.

ORCA 2-8°C solutions achieve superior year-round thermal protection for both extreme hot and cold challenges compared to alternative passive cold chain packaging solutions.The innovative ORCA solution range:Provides superior thermal protection for high value, temperature sensitive payloadsIs ATMOS™ (Analytical Thermal Modelling Software) enabled allowing quick risk assessment for the suitability of ORCA, with varied payloads, on…


These insulated shipping systems are designed to offer optimal thermal protection for pharmaceutical products.

These shipping systems are pre-qualified to maintain payload integrity during shipments from 24 to 240 hours.Qualified for temperatures:2-8°C15-25°CDry Ice


This product range protects the integrity of critical ambient patient samples when exposed to extreme climates from -30°C to +40°C. The systems are qualified for between 4 to 38 hours.

The range is from sub 1kg to sub 5kg actual/volumetric weight, which delivers a lower cost transportation solution compared to traditional temperature protection methods.These systems reduce sample attrition, eliminating the need for costly re-tests. XtremoTherm systems require zero conditioning and minimal assembly time, allowing ease of use by clinical trial sites.
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