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Due to SCHOTT’s Polymer Design Platform, we can offer a solution to match individual and personalized patient needs.

Our solution for individual needs is SCHOTT TOPPAC® and is made of COC polymer.

SCHOTT TOPPAC® prefillable syringes

  • A variety of formats to fit a host of different needs, available in volumes from 1-50 ml.
  • Highly advanced, break-resistant COC material as well as our broad, cross-applicational expertise and overall technical support.
  • Integrated Luer Lock with various flange and closure systems


  • Small changes in design to wearables and self-care devices are possible.
  • Improves the comfort and lifestyle with to individualize polymer containers to maximize your design freedom finding the best solution for your patients.
  • Bring your drug product to market quickly with our defined four-step process.

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