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The RTP 9 is a sophisticated rotary tablet press that allows users to produce large volumes of top quality tablets rapidly and efficiently. Among the RTP 9’s advanced features are a digital interface and convenient control console. Together, these make it easy for the operator to manage the machine without having to make time consuming and fiddly manual adjustments to bolts and screws.


The RTP33 is an exceptionally powerful continuous automatic rotary pellet press designed for pharmaceutical, chemical or food technology manufacturers who need to produce pellets in industrial quantities. The 2.2kW, three phase motor of this pellet press drives 33 sets of dies, pressing granular or dry powdered raw materials into round pellets of up to 12mm in diameter. With a maximum pellet producing capacity of up to 118,000 units per hour, the RTP33 can be relied on to satisfy large scale commercial demand for high quality pellets of a standardised weight.


Sophisticated and beautifully engineered, the RTP41 is the flagship model in our tablet pressing range, offering the ultimate in safety, speed and feature set. With a 4kw motor, 80Kn of available pressure, an optional two-colour capacity, the ability to produce tablets up to 12mm in diameter in special shapes and with carved characters or motifs, semi-automatic lubrication, blistering fast production and all-electronic controls, this tablet press is in a class entirely of its own. Ideal for major manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food technology industries, the RTP41’s 41 cutting heads can produce in the region of 180,000 tablets an hour, making it a true mass production unit.


The RTP 10i is a revolutionary, intelligent rotary tablet press that uses simple, touch screen digital display and control to make tablet pressing easier, more accurate and more efficient. With a fast, 2.2Kw motor and 10 cutting heads, the RTP 10i uses EU D tooling and a two-stage pressing process to produce up to 20,400 top quality round or irregular shaped tablets an hour. Ideal for research and development or small-scale production in the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical fields, as well as food technology, ceramics and allied industries, the RTP 10i is perfectly suited to use in laboratories and research centres. The RTP 10i can alternatively be provided within a 17 station B tooling configuration.

The HSTP Series of high-speed rotary tablet presses is a major innovation in tablet pressing technology, achieving very high levels of productivity and speed and offering exceptional refinements in terms of safety, efficiency and quality of output. An LCD touch screen display panel makes these advanced pill presses very easy to use, while a host of features such as the automatic lubrication system make them simple to maintain. The operator can choose between manual or automatic modes for many functions, allowing for easy use when applying standard settings, or fine control to suit advanced users.

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