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Custom Synthesis


Enamine is a world class specialist in chemical synthesis with over 15 years of presence on the market of products & services for drug discovery.

  • Multistep synthesis of bioactive molecules used as references in biological screening
  • Synthesis of all types of intermediates on up to several kilogram scale
  • Synthesis of compound libraries for hit exploration and lead optimization

Each chemical task is evaluated within several days. A quote is calculated on the basis of the current FTE rate and complemented by a synthetic scheme to be followed. We deliver detailed bi-weekly reports with expected delivery dates.

Expertise of Enamine covers the most important areas of chemistry involved in modern drug discovery:

  • General organic and heterocyclic chemistry
  • Chemistry of organoelemental compounds, especially, organofluorine and organosulfur compounds
  • Asymmetric synthesis using chiral auxiliary, catalysis, and resolution techniques

Our advantages:

  • Extensive portfolio of products allowing integrated projects from hit finding to preparing of key intermediates in kilogram quantities
  • Most reasonable prices for high quality products
  • Brand new laboratories in our own facilities
  • State-of-the art laboratory equipment
  • Full on-site analytical services
  • An experienced team of 45 FTE’s
  • Ca. 55,000 in-stock reagents for immediate use

Each project is treated under confidentiality (CDA) control including measures such as encryption and limiting internal access both to client’s data and by the number of people involved in performing services.

We welcome site visits and requests for past references.

Custom Synthesis

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