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Pharmax launches HLC Baby B and HLC Baby F probiotic supplements

Pharmax, a business unit of Atrium Innovations, has introduced its new HLC Baby B and HLC Baby F probiotic supplements.

The probiotic strains used in HLC Baby B and HLC Baby F probiotic formulas were evaluated in a recent clinical trial, in which they were found to be safe and effective in reducing incidence of skin sensitivity in infants.

The company said that HLC Baby B is designed for breast-fed babies while HLC Baby F is suitable for formula-fed babies.

A 2014 placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted by Allen et al. showed that probiotic supplementation with the HLC Baby B and F strains in babies from birth to six months reduced skin prick reaction by 44% and reduced skin sensitivity by 57%.

In addition, a 2010 safety study conducted by Allen et al, found that the usage of these probiotic strains did not increase adverse event incidence, number of visits to the doctor, or mothers’ assessment of infant health.

Based on the data from these trials, the authors concluded that usage of the probiotic formula was safe during early infancy.

Pharmax key research contributor Dr Nigel Plummer said: "A healthy gut flora plays an important role in early immune stimulation, and variations in gut colonization at early ages have been associated with the development of atopy.

"Our new HLC Baby probiotic supplements support early colonization of bacteria in an infant’s gut to reduce incidence of skin sensitivity."

Both HLC Baby B and HLC Baby F provide Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, two of the most common categories of probiotic bacteria that tend to be lower in infants with skin sensitivity.