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Smart, Smarter, SmartTest 50

Next to fast and efficient operation, the SmartTest 50 provides accurate and highly reliable test data, resulting in increased productivity and ease of regulatory compliance.


In order to ensure trouble-free alignment at all times, an integrated cleaning function removes debris and broken tablet fragments from all contact surfaces of the hardness station after each measurement – including platen surfaces. The solid construction of the SmartTest 50 guarantees reliable test results at all times. Proven Dr. Schleuniger® hardness measuring technology with a precision S-beam load cell complies with all current USP and EP requirements and offers consistently accurate results.

Flexible and user-friendly

Combining proven Dr. Schleuniger® hardness measuring technology with high-performance electronics and intuitive touch screen operation, the SmartTest 50 has been designed to maximize efficiency of physical testing processes. At the same time, it allows for an extremely wide range of tablet shapes to be tested and is very easy to operate and calibrate. From performing simple tests to running large sample sizes using up to 100 programmed products including nominal values and T1/T2/PL limits – the SmartTest 50 is a true multi-purpose instrument.

Fast and reliable with SmartAlignTM

Tablet samples are placed in a carousel by the operator and all further testing is done automatically. The patented SmartAlignTM system guarantees reliable orientation of test samples in the integrated measuring stations and can automatically turn oblong & oval shapes for width and length measuring prior to hardness (breakforce) testing if required.

High-precision calibration

As a world-first, the patented Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron SmartCalTM calibration tool is now available for the SmartTest 50. Using a single reference weight, an entire hardness range can be verified. The same tool is also used for calibration – making calibration & verification routines easier, faster and less prone to error than ever.

Ease of regulatory compliance included

On completion of a test, comprehensive test reports including statistics can be directly printed from the tester on a serial, USB or Ethernet LAN printer without requiring any PC software. As a standard, test reports can be configured according to individual customer requirements. Password-protected access with different user levels ensures that only authorized personnel can modify setup data.

Swiss quality

High quality components paired with Swiss precision engineering provide for a long product life and minimize costly machine downtime. In order to ensure maximum reliability, all instruments are tested according to strict internal quality standards before they leave the factory.

Tablet hardness testing

With more than 40 years of experience and more than 20’000 testers in the market, Dr. Schleuniger® hardness measuring technology is a safe investment. The SmartTest 50 offers consistently accurate test results and fully complies with current USP (chapter 1217, tablet breaking force) and EP (2.9.8, resistance to crushing of tablets) requirements.

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