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Vertellus Specialties UK Ltd – Supplier of Biocompatible Materials

Vertellus Biomaterials, is the exclusive supplier of a range of clinically proven biocompatible materials (PC Technology™) which are used to improve the performance of medical devices and for drug delivery.

Coated and uncoated PVC tubing

Uncoated PVC tubing (bottom) and coated tubing (top) after 6hr contact with blood.

PC Technology comprises monomers and polymers incorporating phosphorylcholine (PC) for use as components of formulations used to make contact lenses, for example, or as coatings to reduce the adverse interaction of the body withmedical devices. These materials have proven drug delivery capability from medical devices.

Biocompatible Materials

The technology has been established in the clinic for over 15 years and there is a great deal of safety and efficacy data available in applications including:

  • contact lenses (Proclear®, CooperVision)
  • extra-corporeal blood treatments (Sorin)
  • wound repair (AMS)
  • urology(Mediglobe) and
  • vascular stents (Abbott and Medtronic).

Uniquely, devices incorporating PC enjoy the benefit of three FDA-allowed label claims relating to improved comfort (contact lenses), reduced thrombus (coronary guidewires) and reduced biofilm formation.

The phosphorylcholine group carries both positive and negative charges, which results in high polarity and affinity for water, but is overall electrically neutral, which reduces interactions with charged biomolecules. Materials containing PC have been shown to reduce:

  • irreversible binding and denaturation of proteins
  • cell adhesion and activation
  • blood activation and clotting
  • excessive inflammatory response
  • bacterial colonisation and biofilm formation

These properties result from the water affinity of PC, which effectively creates a tightly held layer of water around the PC group, making it energetically unfavourable for proteins to displace the water and to become permanently bound to the substrate surface.

PC Materials are hydrogels and have been shown to be capable of absorbing and controlling the subsequent release of a range of drugs.
PC Coated, drug-eluting stents have been marketed for over ten years.

As PC is a bioinert technology, working through this passive mechanism, i.e. there is no pharmacological activity, regulatory challenges are lessened.

Vertellus is pleased to discuss any biomaterials-related requirements, particularly those related to drug delivery, with interested parties.


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