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Thermo Scientific - LIMS and Laboratory Software

Across the lab, the enterprise and the globe, we deliver an end-to-end portfolio of informatics solutions that enable scientists and management to make faster and more informed decisions. Built for purpose, our full-spectrum software portfolio encompasses laboratory information management systems, chromatography data systems and spectroscopy software, as well as electronic laboratory notebooks and document management systems.

Thermo Scientific Informatics solutions enable lab managers to automate and integrate their operations and cost-effectively manage samples and resources, capture and analyse quality data, provide essential reports and ensure regulatory compliance. No other company can offer more collective experience in managing the full scope of laboratory operations, from small single-purpose labs to complex integrations across global enterprises, and across the broadest range of industries.

Purpose-built LIMS enable faster installation, validation and ROI

We believe that the challenges facing life science companies can be ideally addressed using purpose-built solutions that provide as much application-specific functionality as possible out-of-the-box to meet the particular needs of various laboratories. When the required functionality is built into the base system as standard, it eliminates the need for user-specific customisations during implementation. This, in turn, results in reduced validation time, shortened deployment and easier ongoing support.

Darwin LIMS: Laboratory and data management system

Thermo Scientific Darwin LIMS™ is a fully validated laboratory and data management system that is being successfully implemented worldwide by some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. Darwin LIMS is a clear example of the benefits of purpose-built LIMS solutions which can be found in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Darwin LIMS is specifically designed to address, out-of-the-box, the unique needs of pharmaceutical manufacturing R&D and QA/QC laboratories to help them meet regulatory and government standards, achieve significant time savings in validation efforts and generate cost savings in personnel and production time.

Darwin's unique batch and product-oriented design aligns directly with the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, allowing production data to be logically organised, summarised and reported. Darwin LIMS also includes built-in, dashboard-ready functionality to allow pharmaceutical laboratory managers to make faster, more informed decisions. The system's user-friendly, intuitive Microsoft compatible interface facilitates end-user acceptance and support for process modification as part of standardisation. In addition, Darwin LIMS contains an environmental monitoring module as standard, facilitating product quality monitoring and compliance. Additional standard functionality includes dissolution and stability testing and product and batch management. This built-in functionality is a critical component for the pharma manufacturing process and enables more real-time information sharing between pharma sponsor and its external suppliers, like CMOs and APIs, and also enables faster and more streamlined decision making. With Darwin LIMS in place at all points of the manufacturing chain, pharma sponsors are assured of the quality of their finished product and have the information they need at each critical point in the production chain to make decisions that maximise value to their shareholders and protect the consumer.

Seamless data sharing and streamline business processes

Enterprise-level purpose-built LIMS like Thermo Scientific Darwin LIMS serve as a common gateway that other informatics solutions (like electronic lab notebooks or document management systems), instrumentation, enterprise systems and enterprise communications tools (such as SharePoint) can plug into to facilitate seamless data sharing and faster, more informed decisions. Investing in a purpose-built LIMS and adopting a comprehensive enterprise level integration approach to streamline business processes can allow enhanced collaboration and data exchange.
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