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Schekolin - Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Schekolin is a medium-sized company specialising in the development of packaging coatings. It serves customers in the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries with innovative and customer-specific coating solutions. Our service includes the development of protection lacquers and decorative varnishes which can be individually adapted to the packaging production process and specific requirements. Thanks to its high flexibility, customer-specific solutions are quickly delivered.

Packaging coatings for the pharmaceutical industry

Schekolin coatings are applied on a wide range of packaging materials and shapes. The main goal is always to meet customer needs and to do this we offer state-of-the-art solutions and are continuously developing new technologies. We consider the latest regulatory requirements (e.g. FDA) and newest guidelines (e.g. REACH, VOC) when offering solutions.

Production and development is based in Liechtenstein, where the company was founded in 1932. In the mid-1950s, it started to build up the coating business unit. Today, Schekolin is dedicated to the development of packaging coating and has a fully developed technology center for UV, water-based and powder coatings. Schekolin is part of the Looser Holding.

Packaging coatings for environmental and human health protection

Schekolin is an innovation leader in the development of coatings free from volatile organic components (VOC) and Bisphenol A (BPA.VOC free solutions help to prevent the environment, eliminating emissions, and are as well cost efficient alternative. Ecology and economical solutions do not conflict, they are a logical consequence of sustainable entrepreneurship. Several studies have shown that BPA might have collateral effects when getting into the human body. Using BPA free solutions this issue can be fully avoided. Schekolin is dedicated to offer solutions which help to protect environment and human health.

High safety with low migration solutions

Material parts might migrate from the outer packaging layer into the filling. In order to avoid this process, a low migration line has been developed which minimises the migration of elements. Schekolin focused its efforts in developing low migration solutions that are compliant with Swiss ordinance SR 817.023.21 and Nestlé Guidance. Have high safety using low migration solutions.

Lacquer for pharmaceutical applications

A vast choice of lacquer solutions is offered for specific packaging applications, shapes and materials. Internal and external protection is guaranteed by a broad range of lacquers which includes powder, solvent- and water based lacquers. These can be processed using ultraviolet (UV) curing or classical heat treatment. The various Schekolin solutions can be mainly applied for:

  • Metal tubes
  • Metal cans and closures
  • Polymer tubes
  • Polymer rigid tubes
  • Polymer objects
  • Laminates and labels
  • Glass and polymer objects


Contact details:

Schekolin AG
Industriestrasse 3 / PO Box 80
FL - Gamprin-Bendern
Prinicpality of Liechtenstein
Phone: +42 3 375 75 72