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Envirotainer - Active Cold Chain Services

We are a global market leading provider of an air cargo cold chain transportation concept to pharmaceutical companies and their logistics partners. We are unique and the benchmark for global air cargo cold chain management and logistics solutions.

Our business model

We enable global air cargo transportation under reliable temperature controlled conditions in a cost effective, open platform lease system. We help healthcare companies and their logistic partners to ship temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals all over the world and maintain the integrity and quality of their products throughout the cold chain, by providing high availability of market leading, certified, clean and functional containers as well as innovative tools and services for planning, shipping and following up temperature controlled air cargo.

Worldwide presence

World presence

Although a key ingredient, the containers are only a part of the solution. We have built a robust infra-structure to enable worldwide distribution of temperature-sensitive goods. We offer convenient rental of containers, through our own 24 hr call centers and via a network of partners around the globe.

Products & services

Our core service is to offer leasing of specialized containers for transportation of temperature-sensitive products.
Having gained significant knowledge as manufacturer of air cargo solutions as well as working on continuous development within the field of temperature control and thermo dynamics, we also offer cold chain management services and customized solutions to our customers.

Container rentals

A global network and flexible rental options make up the basis for an unbroken cool chain. Our containers offer reliable temperature control based on two technologies:

  • t2 active temperature control system based on dry ice refrigeration
  • e1/e2 active temperature control system based on compressor cooling and electrical heating

Envirotainer containes

The t2 containers are available in three sizes (RAP and RKN) and the e1 is available in one size (RKN). The e2 is available in one size (RAP). Please visit for more information.

Cold Chain Management services

Technical support, value added services, container qualification and training; our dedicated Cold Chain Management team can help you secure the quality of your temperature sensitive product throughout the entire cold chain.

We offer container qualification and value added services to help set up your product cold chain. Our in-house testing facility in Sweden and our team - made up of Application Specialists, Post Shipment Analysts, Support Engineers and Laboratory Personnel - assist our customers in establishing and monitoring their cold chain as well as offering advice within the field of temperature control.

QEP / CEP Training and Quality Program

At the request of shippers of healthcare products, and in response to industry guidance, Envirotainer has developed a training and quality program to acknowledge those service providers that are capable of properly managing shipments using the Envirotainer container.

The QEP / CEP Program is offered to freight forwarding, warehousing, ground and air transportation service providers.
Accreditation as a Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP) demonstrates that a service provider meets their obligations as defined in current Good Distribution Practices guidance documents.

Contact details

Envirotainer AB/Envirotainer Engineering AB
Johanneslundsvägen 2
SE-194 61 Upplands Väsby
Tel: +46 8 586 29 300
Fax: +46 8 590 919 61