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The UniSafe is a springless, passive safety device for pre-fillable syringes.

The UniSafe is a springless, passive safety device for pre-fillable syringes.

This device is designed to work with standard, pre-fillable syringes. This means nothing that touched the drug needs to change.

Unisafe looks and works like a normal syringe.

Key features of UniSafe include:

  • UniSafe is designed without a spring, which means that the syringe barrel is unobscured and allows the user to visually confirm the full dose has been delivered
  • It is designed to help improve user comfort with a large ergonomic plunger and a smooth, integrated finger flange
  • This device helps prevent accidental activation, which can occur with traditional spring-based safety syringes
  • Passive needle retraction means that the device is safe as soon as the plunger is fully depressed
  • It is designed to work with staked needle pre-filled syringes
  • It may be used by both healthcare professionals and patients


  • It is disposable and has an ISO standard glass syringe
  • The syringe size is 1.0ml
  • It has a low-viscosity of 1cP to 2cP
  • It is a fixed dose
  • It provides a subcutaneous injection activated manually
  • It has passive needle safety and the needle is hidden after injection
  • It features a visual and tactile end-of-dose indication
  • It has high-volume manufacture and assembly

Steps for use:

  1. Remove the needle shield and insert the needle into the skin at the injection site
  2. Fully depress the plunger to evacuate the drug in the same way as a normal pre-filled syringe
  3. The needle then retracts and is locked into the device
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