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Temperature Monitoring Devices

Cryopak Industries

Cryopak has recently made a strategic partnership with Escort Data Loggers another TCP subsidiary to deliver many different models of temperature monitoring and data logging devices. From single use applications to multiple use data loggers these devices come in many different models, sizes, and functions to meet the needs of multiple industries.

Cryopak also offers chemical monitors that come in a variety of response temperatures and run-out times. Many temperature sensitive products lose their quality due to exposure to colder temperatures. These monitors indicate whether a product has been exposed to colder-than-acceptable conditions.

Temp Monitoring Devices

Cryopak has many initiatives for offering sustainable re-usability programs to the markets that we serve. It is our goal to provide temperature controlled packaging products that are engineered with sustainable design in mind and can also have an impact on the sustainable achievement goals of our clients.

We are able to offer the majority of our products with re-usability and energy efficiency in mind, through programs that reduce the level of manufacturing and materials that are used to produce products for the cold chain.

Examples of this include:

  • Re useable Conditioning Tray Program
  • Phase Change Materials
  • Re-useable Refrigerants Program
  • Managed System or Component Recovery Program
  • TemPak Plus Green
  • Enviro-Ice

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