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Genoma España

Applied Genomics and Biotechnology Innovation

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Technology Portfolio

Genoma España

Genoma España's technology portfolio is an upshot of making technology and innovation transfer happen in Spain.

  • qGenomics
  • BioGlane
  • LeadArtis
  • EntreChem
  • Algenex
  • Laboratorios Cifga
  • PROALT (Proteins Alternatives)


qGenomics (quantitative genomics medicine laboratories) develops new solutions for genetic research and diagnostic in the healthcare field. Researchers from leading Spanish research centres such as the Pompeu Fabra University and the Centre for Genomic Regulation (both in Barcelona) are engaged in this project. The gain or loss of certain genome regions is a cause of mental retardation and congenital defects at qGenomics.


BioGlane is a spin-off from the Spanish research council (CSIC), which has developed several bioprocesses for the competitive production of iminosugars. These are relevant new ingredients that open an array of possibilities for the formulation of new foods, particularly for the design of new tasty functional foods for weight control.

In 2007, Bioglane started its activities in a close collaboration between professionals from the industry and CSIC scientists. The aim behind the joint venture was that of offering new natural active products with scientifically substantiated interesting biological properties. The expertise of the team is completed with collaborations with numerous national and international experts.


LeadArtis is a spin-off from the Puerta de Hierro University Hospital since 2007, which develops and markets proprietary screening technology as well as starts drug discovery programmes. It evaluates the bioactivity of compounds of chemical or biological origin in processes such as angiogenesis, neurogenesis, and metastasis; focuses strongly on protein engineering for novel therapeutic developments, and develops proprietary technology for creating multimeric and multifunctional proteins.


EntreChem focuses on drug discovery and development in the oncology field. The novel drugs are inspired on natural bacterial products using a combination of genetic engineering and biocatalysis to obtain potent and non-toxic analogues from which a candidate for development is selected. It is a spin-off of the University of Oviedo and is located in Asturias, north of Spain.


Algenex, a privately owned biotech, focuses on R&D products to improve human and animal health. Algenex, created in 2005, is a spin-off of the biotechnology department of the INIA (the national institute for agricultural research and technology).

Its technology platform is based on producing high quality recombinant proteins for use in vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutic molecules, which eliminates the costly process of fermentation through efficient use of insects as small live bioreactors.

Laboratorio CIFGA

Laboratorio CIFGA is a chemical-pharmaceutical company located in Lugo, Galicia (northwest Spain), devoted to developing marine toxins standards and reagents for research and new therapeutic drugs. The marine toxins are a serious health and socio-economic problem for the shellfish industry in Galicia.


PROALT (Protein Alternatives SL) is a biotechnology company developed in 2006, located in the Science Park of Madrid, with strong expertise in technologies required for the production of recombinant proteins and antibodies. It is a reference company for developing cancer biomarkers because of their critical role in early diagnostic, prognostic and prediction of resistance or drug susceptibility in cancer treatments; offers quality reagents for the new genomic and proteomic targets arising from “omics” technologies.

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