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Identification of next generation active compounds is a critical step in drug and related compound discovery.

New! – Sensor Cell lines for drug discovery

SenCELL LifeAct™ represents a range of First in Class Sensor Cell Lines:

  • Sensor molecules identify actin or hypoxia dynamics
  • No interference with dynamic processes during cytoskeleton rearrangements
  • SenCELL LifeActTM express a small actin binding protein domain coupled to a fluorescent protein.
  • Suited for live cell imaging and high content analysis,
  • Applicable to a variety of assays including migration assays using chemoattractants

SenCELLs LifeAct™, when delivered to the clients are:

  • ready-to-use,
  • functionally validated
  • available in convenient and cost efficient standard bulk quantities.
  • shipped in frozen cell stocks and applicable to your high content screening within a matter of days

Initial ready-to-use SenCELL LifeAct™ are already commercially available: LifeAct HT1080 and soon LifeAct MDCK. In addition, this intriguing technology is also available for your individual cell lines on demand. Feel free to inquire with our Cell Competence Consultants

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