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SIRION BIOTECH is celebrating first applications of nearly 100% inducible knockdowns. What was considered impossible only a few years ago, is now becoming an industry standard.

Inducible Knockdowns of nearly 100%!? – Is that possible?

Conditional gene silencing is what the researcher wishes to show. Towards that goal, limited dilution helps generating clonal cell lines from the stable pool. Subsequent quantification of target gene X in 25 Dox-treated clones then showed significant variations in mRNA expression levels.


  • Cloning of the cDNA of Your Gene of Interest (GOI) into the pVal vector (=pVal-GOI)
  • Cloning of 5, 10, 15 or more different shRNAs into pVal-GOI (=pVal-GOI-shRNA 1-x)
  • Transfection of 293 or NIH-3T3 cells with the resulting validation vectors
  • Quantification of target gene knockdown by qRT-PCR relative to control cells

For details on available pVal platforms please follow the link: SIRION BIOTECH

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