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Custom Synthesis Service

Life Chemicals Inc.

Life Chemicals provides expertise in organic chemistry and developed platform for custom synthesis projects. The success rate for custom synthesis is over 85%. The services are offered on the basis of both fixed price and FTE approaches. Scale-up synthesis in amounts up to 100kg is possible.

Synthesis of individual compounds:

  • Building blocks
  • Reference compounds and potential impurities
  • Metabolites
  • New chemical entities and analogs for hit-to-lead development
  • Peptidomimetics
  • Drug-like compounds

Synthesis of compound libraries:

  • Libraries based on scaffolds of Life Chemicals
  • Libraries based on scaffolds of the customer
  • Custom targeted libraries
  • Diversity libraries

Process optimisation:

  • Route scouting and scale-up
  • Reaction and process optimisation
  • Catalyst screening
  • Characterisation of physical and chemical properties

Early drug discovery (improvement of potency, selectivity and ADMET):

  • Hit optimisation
  • Hit to lead
  • Lead optimisation

Our researchers work in various fields of modern organic chemistry, concentrating, in particular, on heterocyclic and element organic chemistry. Up-to-date equipment and professional skills of our chemists afford advanced chemistry practice:

  • Handling of gaseous reagents including selective catalytic hydrogenation
  • Fluorination with CF3CHN2, SF4/HF, SbF3, DAST, Morph-DAST, Deoxo-Fluor, CF3I, Halothane, Freon-113
  • Microwave-assisted synthesis
  • Asymmetric synthesis involving chiral auxiliary groups, chiral homogeneous catalysts, separation of racemates
  • Multigram scale photochemistry
  • Handling of flammable reducing agents: LAH, DIBAL, AlH3, Vitride, L-Selectride, Super-Hydride, BH3, LiHMDS, n-BuLi, sec-BuLi, t-BuLi, MeLi, LDA, LTMP
  • Use of toxic metalorganic reagents (Mg, Zn, Cd, Hg, Sn, Bi)
  • Chemistry in liquid ammonia
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