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DeltaVita® 15 – 300 Laboratory Sized Machines

R&D in small batches is an essential part of the new drug development process. The market demands the ability to confirm process feasibility without wasting scarce, costly materials. NETZSCH provides it. NETZSCH’s laboratory equipment is ideal for testing where only the smallest batch sizes are needed to achieve significant test results with minimal product loss in a short period of time. NETZSCH’s laboratory equipment offers repeatable results batch after batch, scalability to full-size production equipment, and are easy to clean and sterilize off line.

NETZSCH’s DeltaVita® 15 – 300 laboratory equipment is ideal for feasibility studies in very small batches, from 50 ml to 1000 ml. They achieve consistent particle reductions to below 200 nm using the smallest grinding media from 0.05 mm – 2 mm for micronization to the nanometer range. The DeltaVita® 15 – 300 offers full scalability, safe, simple and clean operation, and a flexible mode of operation suitable for continuous-pass and circulation operation. It is available in two configurations – mobile or bench top with a selection of four grinding chamber volumes – 15, 50, 150 and 300 ml. with optional ZrO2, 316 stainless steel or nylon grinding chamber designs. Documentation required for validation supplied with the machine.

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