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Almac has been providing interactive voice recognition (IVR) and interactive web response (IWR) technologies since 1995.

Through its industry-leading IXRS®2.0 integrated IVR / IWR technology, the company offers flexible solutions for patient enrolment, screening, randomisation, drug assignment, inventory management, patient compliance, electronic patient-reported outcomes, and adaptive trials.

Almac’s experienced teams help clients streamline research and development (R&D), maximising site workflows and improving overall trial management.#

Almac specialises in technology and professional services that minimise clinical trial processes and legacy workflows while maximising staff productivity. Offerings include the industry’s most configurable interactive voice and web response system (IXRS®) for patient randomisation and inventory management; phone and web-based patient diaries (ePRO), and expert statistical and data integration consulting.

IXRS® – patient and trial supply management technology
Almac’s IXRS® is a solution for patient randomisation and trial supply management, with more than 2,000 clinical trials successfully managed. It is utilised at more than 130,000 sites globally.

Clinical integrated services
Almac provides unified distribution and supply strategies to manage and track the full life cycle and chain of custody investigational new drug (IND) / investigational medical products (IMP) while reducing risk and cost.

Electronic clinical outcome assessments
Electronic capture of patient data does more than support claims, it supports the work of the entire organisation. Almac offers a convenient bring-your-own-device (BOYD) solution to patient diaries and clinical outcome assessments via mobile, tablet, voice or web access.

Almac’s leading-edge technology affords the ability to send notifications across all modalities (phone, text, SMS messages and email) to remind patients when to take their medicine, complete a diary and take part in other critical study activities.

Clinical helpline
Almac’s Clinical Helpline service allows investigators and site personnel to easily access on-call clinical experts or medical monitors to address questions related to protocol adherence, inclusion and exclusion criteria, case report form completion, study drug administration and other trial-related matters.

Biostatistical services
Almac specialises in complex study design consultancy, with renowned expertise covering adaptive trial design implementation, covariate adaptive dynamic randomisation methodologies and cohort designs.

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