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Bespoke Cell Scaffold Solutions

Electrospinning Company

We can customise scaffold material, architecture and shape to suit your specific application.

Our "Mimetix Aligned" scaffolds, for example, support the growth of anisotropic cells such as nerves and tendons, whereas scaffolds made of biodegradable materials find widespread use in tissue engineering applications.

Random and aligned cell scaffolds

Classical electrospinning produces randomly orientated fibres, as in our Mimetix scaffold. We can also manufacture aligned fibres using high speed rotating collectors. Aligned fibres can support the differentiation of cells which require a particular orientation, such as peripheral nerves and tendons.


Polymers and biodegradability

Our Mimetix scaffold is made of the FDA-approved, biocompatible polymer PLLA. A range of other polymers is available, including biodegradable polymers (PLGA, PCL) and non-biodegradable polymers (e.g. polyurethanes).

Fibres and scaffolds

We can produce fibres with diameters ranging from 500nm to about 5μm. The larger the fibre diameter, the larger the pores.

The standard thicknesses we have available for our scaffolds are 50μm and 100μm. However, we can fabricate both thinner and thicker materials.

Membranes consisting of more than one layer can be fabricated, for example using different polymers or altering fibre diameter, pore size distribution, or layer thickness.

Besides the production of membranes and disks for cell culture dishes, we can produce custom 3D formats, such as self-supporting tubes, composite tubes and other 3D shapes.

fibre-scaffold fibre-membrane-cell-culture cell-scaffold

Left to right: aligned fibre insert, coated stent, PLGA tube

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