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Autoject® Micro Platform

Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services

Autoject® Micro platform is an auto-injector with automatic needle insertion.

Autoject® Micro platform is an auto-injector with automatic needle insertion.

Set in a compact body, this disposable auto-injector contains a patented drive mechanism technology. This allows true auto-injection in a more discreet package.

Key features of the Autoject® Micro platform include:

  • True auto-injection, with the needle inserted and dose delivered with the press of a button
  • Sharps injury protection as the needle is hidden before and after use
  • Button or Pressure activation versions
  • Audible and visual end-of-dose indication
  • Convenient size for storage and portability
  • Large viewing window to see the syringe
  • Ergonomic, with its oval shape and large-grip detail on cap


  • The device is disposable
  • It is a true auto-injector
  • Needle is hidden before and after injection
  • Sharps injury protection (ISO23908, ISO110608, and ISO11068-5)
  • Safety lock to prevent accidental activation
  • Visual and audible end-of-dose indication
  • Needle shield removal feature
  • Fixed-dose
  • It has a glass prefilled syringe
  • The syringe size is available in 1.0ml and 2.25ml sizes
  • It gives a subcutaneous injection, with an option for intramuscular

Steps for use:

  1. Remove blue cap (needle shield is automatically removed)
  2. Place the device against the skin automatically unlocks the device and presents the activation button
  3. Audible and visual indication signifies end-of-dose and the needle shrouds to prevent injury
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