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Advanced Therapeutics Medicinal Products

Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMPs) are the new exciting frontier in medicine potentially heralding revolutionary treatments of a number of diseases and injuries.

With you, as you shape the future

Biotec’s mix of storage and clinical knowledge enables us to provide innovative solutions overcoming potential issues with storage, labelling and delivery at cryogenic temperatures.

Biotec has been actively involved over the last decade, extending our QPs’ extensive biopharmaceutical experience and specialist knowledge as well as our proven expertise in cold chain storage and distribution, into this challenging new arena.

We work with a range of clients from the beginning of a project applying our expertise to issues such as prelabelling prior to freezing down. It’s a flexible, cost-effective means of taking a concept from piloting through to delivery.

Our proven track record working with dry ice and dry nitrogen shipping systems and our superb global distribution network is supported by using only trusted specialist international couriers with full tracking systems.

Indeed, our knowledge of the regulatory processes and our proven ability to handle, store and distribute temperature sensitive products, on a global level make us the perfect solution for your future venture.

We can also provide:

  • Guidance and solutions for labelling ATMP products including label production and application prior to freeze-down
  • QP inspection for manufacturing sites
  • QP certification for clinical trial materials derived from cell lines
  • Storage of master cell banks
  • Back-up storage for sample aliquots
  • Customer specific storage at -80°C and -196°C
  • Storage of stem cells and other cell lines
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