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PolyPid introduces new family of drug carriers

PolyPid has introduced a new family of drug carriers - PolyPid based on a fusion between two known drug delivery systems: polymers and lipid-based systems.

The patented carrier can be tailored to small molecules, peptides, protein and nucleic acids-based drugs.

The PolyPid platform can be utilized to address numerous medical indications in various fields, such as orthopedics, urology, periodontal, anti-cancer/anti-fungal treatments and surgical accessories.

PolyPid technology helps to entrap a large variety of one or more biologically active molecules, and to release them at a pre-programmed rate for up to several months, all according to the desired clinical rate.

PolyPid-based solution BonyPid is a biodegradable bone void filler that is micro-coated with a PolyPid biodegradable formulation.

PolyPid chief technology officer Noam Emanuel said PolyPid is a drug carrier that will help pharmaceutical and biotech companies enhance their drugs and meet their challenges.