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FDA approves Daiichi Sankyo Pennsylvania packaging facility

Daiichi Sankyo has gained FDA approval to package product at its packaging facility located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, US.

The Pennsylvania facility will package some of the company’s products for cardiovascular and metabolic therapies including treatments for hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

The 140,000ft² facility might assume additional responsibilities related to clinical trial materials and perform formulation and analytical testing for select products, according to the company.

Daiichi Sankyo operations vice president Jeff Lane said from facility and process design to quality control and personnel flow, the company incorporated new technology in the design and development of the Bethlehem facility.

"The commissioning of this facility is a major milestone for our U.S. organization and augments our ability to manufacture and distribute quality medicines," Lane added.

The company believes that with the expansion of business operations it will help minimize risks associated with product supply and will have control over the life cycle of its products.