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USPTO patents Atlantic Pharmaceuticals’ SMART/Script drug delivery platform

Atlantic Pharmaceuticals has received two new US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patents for its tamper-resistant SMART/Script drug delivery platform.

The patents cover company’s tamper-resistant platforms, designed to resist dose dumping of orally delivered opioids and may sequester and bring down drug release of a drug, which has been subjected to a variety of physical methods of tampering.

The technology can be used to both, immediate as well as sustained release drug candidates.

Atlantic Pharmaceuticals president Anthony Soscia said the SMART/Script is a technology that may have a significant effect on prescription drug abuse and misuse.

"These patents further add to our intellectual property portfolio and provide us with extensive coverage until 2028 for our novel, tamper-resistant technology,"Soscia added.

SMART/Script, a patented drug delivery platform stops drug extraction and avoids the abuse of medications through known routes of abuse, including chewing, snorting and injecting.