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Vaisala Launches Cutting-Edge Environmental Monitoring System: Long-range Wireless with Intuitive Software

Vaisala delivers the redesigned viewLinc Environmental Monitoring System, created to offer long-range wireless communication, ease of use, and fast deployment.

"The previous version of the viewLinc system has long been used by pharmaceuticals, but it is also ideal for monitoring other high-value assets that are affected by environmental conditions, such as air temperature or humidity. It is used in museums, galleries, and in IT server rooms," says Vaisala Product Manager Jon Aldous.

viewLinc provides trends and customizable reporting that ensures accurate environmental information via a wide selection of Vaisala devices that monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, and other variables. For GxP compliance, validation documents are available.

New VaiNet Wireless Signal Travels over 100 Meters Indoors

The new viewLinc system leverages cutting-edge wireless communications capabilities in order to utilize logging devices that communicate reliably in obstructed environments.

"We licensed a new long-range wireless specification to create VaiNet, a proprietary wireless technology for viewLinc," tells Aldous. The signal strength between network access points and data loggers can travel over 100 meters indoors. It’s not affected by walls, equipment, Wi-Fi networks, or other usual signal impediments.

System Usability Redesigned

"We worked with several long-time customers, collecting a wish-list of system functions that could be either simplified or automated. We eliminated or improved aspects of system deployment that were time-consuming or complex, and updated the software interface with embedded help to guide users through common tasks," says Aldous.

The result is a monitoring system that can be installed in minutes, maintains compliance for years, and eliminates almost every issue related to wireless data logging.

Discover more about the new wireless viewLinc system through Vaisala’s 3D Video.


Jon Aldous, Product Manager, Vaisala
Tel. +978 660 9974

Katri Ahlgren, Communications Manager, Vaisala
Tel. +358 40 350 2557

About Vaisala

Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Building on 80 years of experience, Vaisala provides observations for a better world. Our instruments and systems are used in over 150 countries in demanding industries, including airports, pharmaceuticals, and power generation. Over 10,000 companies in safety and quality-critical sectors already rely on Vaisala. Our sensors are used in the most demanding environments – and even on Mars. Headquartered in Finland, Vaisala employs approximately 1,600 professionals worldwide and is listed on the NASDAQ Helsinki stock exchange.

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The Controlled Environment business area serves customers in multiple industries with over 40 years of industry knowledge. Our products improve quality, productivity, energy efficiency, and help our customers fulfill regulatory compliance. Controlled Environment customers operate in different types of environments – from semi-conductor factories and high-rise buildings to power plants and small incubators – where reliable measuring and monitoring of the ambient conditions are a prerequisite for successful operations. Customers use our products and systems to measure and monitor temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, carbon dioxide, moisture and hydrogen in oil.