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Vaisala Services


Vaisala offers a vast range of services to help you reduce operational risks as well as help your systems to achieve their maximum lifespan and return on investment.


  • Set-up and deployment of all sensing equipment and network devices
  • Installation of drivers and software
  • Configuration of the system to customer-specific needs
  • User training


  • On-site installation qualification
  • Operational qualification services

Calibration and repairs

Calibration and repair services are globally available from Vaisala’s regional service centres:

calibration and repairs pharma

Technical support

  • Online, phone or email support

Support plan

  • Extensive installation and validation support
  • Prioritised 24 hour access to technical support every day of the year
  • Web-based training by our technical staff
  • Self-teaching tools
  • Annual system review and reconfiguration
  • Software upgrades


  • On-site and web-based instructor-led trainings for continuous monitoring system
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