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Upcoming Pharmaceutical Courses from NSF

NSF has announced its upcoming courses. Make sure you remember to take advantage of any discounts you could be entitled to. Get in touch if you’re interested in bringing any of this training on-site.

The new courses include:

  • Incident Management Workshop – 11 September in Stansted, UK
  • Human Error Prevention Workshop – 12 September to 13 September in Stansted, UK
  • Pharmaceutical good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audits and Self-Inspections (a Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) certified GMP Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS) lead auditor course) – 17 September to 21 September in York, UK
  • Pharmaceutical GMP Audits and Self-Inspections (a CQI and IRCA certified GMP PQS lead auditor course) – 22 October to 26 October in Hamburg, Germany
  • Quality Risk Management – 25 September to 26 September in Manchester, UK
  • Pharmaceutical Legislation Update – 2 October in York, UK
  • Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Materials Management Workshop – 9 October to 10 October in Watford, UK
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Workshop – 10 October in Watford, UK
  • Good Pharmacovigilance Practice Workshop – 11 October in Watford, UK
  • Pharmaceutical Law & Administration – QP Module – 15 October to 19 October in York, UK
  • A-Z of Sterile Products Manufacture – 29 October to 2 November in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Internal Auditor Training Workshop – 30 October to 31 October in Watford, UK

Looking to plan further ahead? Make an enquiry to find out more information and register online.

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