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NSF International’s Pharma Biotech Must-Have App

NSF’s pharma app is a must-have for pharma biotech industry executives; it has been introduced to provide executives with an easy, quick and convenient way of staying up-to-date on the latest industry regulations and news. Executives can also get access to NSF’s guide to understanding current and proposed changes to legislation – the ultimate guide for anyone working in the industry.
The app contains an unrivalled amount of useful pharmaceutical learning resources to help individuals and companies make better business decisions. From white papers and case studies to webinars, videos and podcasts, you can check out the latest resources for pharma in several media.

Companies can also get a snapshot of their current health/performance using NSF’s self-assessment quizzes. From finding out if they have gaps in their quality systems to identifying potential data integrity issues, these valuable quizzes are accessible to all through the NSF pharma app.

The Ask an Expert feature allows contacting NSF International’s global team of experts, including former EU and FDA officials and experienced industry professionals, to assist with specific business issues, helping companies to stay connected in turbulent times of change.

We could keep listing all the benefits of this app, but we want you to stop reading and experience it for yourself by downloading the app today. Simply enter “NSF pharma” on your phone in your app search field or select a link below:

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