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NSF International Launches Pharma Biotech e-Learning in April 2018

Learn from NSF’s trusted pharmaceutical industry experts and take away tools and techniques that can be used instantly in the workplace. NSF’s e-Learning will provide short, targeted, highly focused “how to” sessions on common industry themes as well as introductions and overviews on essential topics for those new to the industry.

NSF’s e-Learning is ideal for:

  • Employees new to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Operational, analytical and laboratory-based staff who are unable to leave their place of work for long periods of time
  • Experienced industry professionals who are looking for continuing professional development

Learn at your own pace at a time convenient you. The first three e-Learning training sessions that will launch in April include:

GMP for Engineers

This session is ideal for engineering technicians, contract and technical support staff who need to be aware of how their actions may create or contribute to GMP non-compliances, which may affect product quality. Exercises and case studies will help participants recognize how much interaction they have with GMP compliant processes/systems, how to mitigate risks associated with each interaction they have with validated/qualified systems, and their key role in maintaining compliant processes within the bigger team.

Microbiology – The Basics

This session is ideal for staff in operational and support areas – production, engineering, QC, QA, validation and technical, as well as those new to the pharmaceutical industry and/or microbiology. We cover the real meaning of microbiology in operations and why it matters. You’ll learn the risks associated with microbes and how to eliminate or control them so that the patient is protected. You will be able to apply your knowledge from this session in your daily work.

Self-Inspections – How to Make Them Add Value to Your Organization

Why do you conduct self-inspections and why are they important to your organization? This e-Learning session provides an overview of the key elements in each stage of the self-inspection process, outlining where it fits into the overall audit pyramid. Learn how to make your self-inspection program world-class.

Once you have completed your e-Learning, the team at NSF provides additional support and guidance for any specific questions.

How to Sign Up

We are currently developing the e-Learning platform and will update this page once it is ready for registration to any of our first three sessions. If you would like further information or have a question about our e-Learning, please contact us at
In the meantime, you can access a range of free e-Learning resources including our latest webinars, videos and podcasts by visiting our resource library.

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